Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Old-School Sunspot Video "Prozac Girl" 2001

That's right, friends, the hits just keep on coming. This is the third week in a row we've brought you "classic" (classic, ha, there's nothing classic about the peroxide blonde in this video and did I steal that bowling shirt from a Big Lebowski convention?) Sunspot songs that have been sitting on VHS for the past few years.

This one's a live performance of "Prozac Girl" from the James Madison Memorial High School Arts Week in 2001.

Next week, we'll be back with some newer material (maybe another pop-up video if we can work up enough jokes this weekend) but since we're reaching the end of the Aughts, I thought it would be fun to check in on where we were at the beginning of the decade. We have hours and hours of tape from Sunspot concerts, tours, and television appearances over the past few years so we'll be putting up videos from all throughout our history on the weeks in between podcasts. By the way, we'll be coming up on our 100th podcast soon and I promise we'll do it before the end of the year, we'll definitely be featuring the highlights from this year's Sunspot Christmas Party on the 19th!

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