Friday, June 18, 2010

"Summer Day" (Longest Intro Ever) at WYOU

We're taking a break for the next two weeks as we get the July shows ready to roll and we finish our preparations and production for the Major Arcana Tour, but we don't want to deprive you of the deep, deep, borderline nasty love that we have for you in the meantime. So, here's another video (this one's not Old School because it's not even a year past.)

It's probably the longest intro to Summer Day we've ever done. We just kinda rolled with it because, well, we could. It was for WYOU's telethon in October 2009. We were introduced by Darth Rokker from Maximum Ink and we played that night with our good friends in Axiom. The sound quality is great, thanks to Kasper from Ghost Town for doing the mixing.

WYOU is an awesome community access station in Madison and they always need support because keeping crazy people on the air is important AND they support local and independent music.

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