Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sunspot Road Mania - Episode 2

Mike's note: This one originally was put up on August 10th, 2005, but since I'm reordering the podcasts for the new podcast feed, I'm putting it in the correct order

Hello Friends....

You didn't read wrong! Yes, it should be Episode 12, but this week's Podcast has been slightly delayed due to some technical problems.

Don't worry, Episode 12 will be up soon. But in the meantime, here is one of The Lost Episodes, the elusive Episode 2!

It was recorded after the weekend of May 20, 2005, when we played at Frienz bar in Middleton, WI.

The episode features the following music:

"Stare" by Big Fur (Springfield, IL)
"Early Guns" by The Treats (Madison, WI)
"Oral Giraffe" by Timmy from BoRd (Madison, WI)

Here's the Podcast!

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