Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sunspot Road Mania - Episode 3

Alright, here is this week's installment of Sunspot Road Mania!

Sunspot Road Mania - Episode 3
Recorded 5/29/05

This week's episode features the following songs, in order of appearance:

"Droids Attack" by Droids Attack (Madison, WI)
"Perfect Day" by Pine (Madison, WI)
"Natural" by Awesome Car Funmaker (Madison, WI)

Now... Just in case you're wondering, "Wendy, how can you possibly have an Episode 3 of Sunspot Road Mania when there is NO Episode 2?!"

Well, the answer is simple, friends. Episode 2 does exist, but it is not entirely assembled yet. Due to my being a total moron (and my apartment being in complete disarray in preparation of my impending move), I seem to have misplaced Ben's section of the podcast, so I need to get another copy from him. Sorry! I'll put it together after practice tomorrow (Wednesday), I promise. :)

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